Most of the series and movies currently available on Apple TV + were produced in the United States, but products from other countries are also gradually appearing in this service’s catalog, including Great Britain, South Korea and Israel. Yesterday, Apple announced the launch of a new series in Mexico called “Midnight Family”, which will be the first full-fledged Spanish-language series made for the needs of Apple TV +.

“Midnight Family” will be a drama based on the documentary of the same title (known in Poland as “Nocna Rodzka”). The main character of the series will be Marigabe Tamayo – a medical student who spends nights working with the rest of the family in a private ambulance serving clients in the country’s capital. This role will be played by Renata Vaca (including “Del Gas” and “Rosario Tejeras”). The series will also feature, among others, Yalitza Aparicio (Oscar-nominated for her role in “Roma”), Joaquín Cosío (including “Quantum of Solace”, “Narcos: Mexico” and “The Horseman from Nowhere”), and Dolores Heredia (including “8-part Prawdy “El Chapo” and “Cappadocia”) The series will be directed and presented by Natalia Berstein, who previously worked on another project with Apple TV + – “Mosquito Coast”. Gibrán Portela will be responsible for the script ( including “The Untamed” and “Golden Cage”).

“Midnight Family” will be produced by Fabula and Fremantle on Apple’s behalf, and an expected release date on Apple TV+ hasn’t been revealed yet.

source: an Apple