ebrowska: I hope Chorzów enjoys it all

On May 29, Magdalena Ciproska will turn 25. A day later, he will start with the Polish national team during the European team championship, which will take place in Chorzov this weekend. AZS AWF Katowice will compete in the long jump. She graduated from the Ostro³êcki Athletics Club.

The athlete from Lilisa set a record of 6.71 meters, which she achieved several days ago in Lublin during the academic championships of Lublin County. Interestingly enough, this is the second best result among stocks. This year, Marina Bech-Romanchuk of Ukraine jumped 6.92 meters. The field also includes (this year’s best result in parentheses): Faima Diame – Spain (6.62m), Hillary Capacha – France (6.58m), Lucy Hadaway – Great Britain (6.30m), Maryse Luzolo – Germany (6.59m), Laura Strati – Italy (6.66 m), Evelise Veiga – Portugal (6.41 m).


Poland will defend the gold medal. The long jump competition will be held on Sunday. ebrowska’s first rehearsal was scheduled for 1:10 p.m. The event will be broadcast by TVP Sport.


Interview with Magdalena ¯ebrowska, the Polish long jump actress

Did you expect to be appointed to the staff?
– Let’s say yes. There was a hint of doubt when Anna Matuszewicz scored a very good result in a competition. She had a total of 6.47m and was able to jump on it.


Under what circumstances did you learn about contact?
– I jumped 6.71 m, so I had no doubts that I would be in the national team of our country. Later, starting lists appeared. I saw my name on the internet and then convinced that I was going to Khorzo.

And again she will wear a white and red costume with an eagle …
– it’s a wonderful feeling. I am fortunate to be able to represent my country during the senior and senior youth competitions. However, every time all athletes feel very privileged, proud.

Luck wanted the competition to take place in Chorzov …
– I will compete in the Witches Cauldron. Sports, aside from competitions, is also an opportunity to explore the world. I am able to represent Poland, first of all, during competitions in our country. it is. I’m not complaining, but it would be nice to start somewhere in a far country. The European Youth Championship was held in Bydgoszcz. Two years ago, the European Tag Team Championship was held at the same venue. International matches took place in Krakow. In fact, outside of our country, I jumped maybe three times.

I recently jumped in Warsaw. She lost to Anna Matuszevic…
– You jumped me on the last try. The competition was not exciting. From the start, I was leading the competition through to the final trial. I have moved inrun, but it failed. The jump burned and I had to settle for second.

The European Team Championship…
– I have the second best result on the old continent. It is a thing of the past. Now I have to prove myself in good shape.

It’s your birthday tomorrow and the competition the next. I don’t think I need to ask what gift would you like to receive …
– I will not be able to celebrate, but I hope that on Sunday I will have reasons to be happy. The best gift would be to jump near the “zyciówki”. I dream of a better result. And then? All Chorzów members will have fun (laughter – editor’s note).

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When did you come to Chorzov?
Yesterday, two days before the start. I did my training in Bialystok and came to Chorzow. Today I am relieved. Tomorrow is a nice fast survey and on Sunday is a quiz.

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