Studio Wrocław is not only focused on Dying Light 2. The developers have confirmed the good news regarding the next generation update to the first batch of production. Players can expect improved visuals or smoother gameplay.

Recently, Techland systematically shared new materials from Dying Light 2, opening the veil of secrecy and thus bringing personnel elements of the world And advanced mechanics. The studio announced in August that Faithful Society “hears” In the future, support for the next generation of dying light could be the first.

Before we can enter the streets of the new city and learn about the new history, the people of Wroclaw have another attraction for us. The developers are also working on improving Dying Light and in response to a message from a player, they confirmed that a relevant update is in the works:

Harran’s adventure came out in 2015 and has never received improvements that harness the power of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. In the case of the Sony device, we can count on backwards compatibility and game quality at 1080p and 30fps.

Furthermore, Techland yesterday announced new content for Dying Light – Hellraid. The location is still very popular, so the new location and missions will add another variety to the game.


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