In the social campaign of the Salvation Foundation, a topical snapshot was used in 2015, which, reformulated, is more relevant to today’s reality. The campaign is supported by K2 Create and SHOOTME film agency.

A safe border is one where no one is killed

– This idea is the motto of the Salvation Foundation. – Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been at the Polish-Belarus border and have provided the refugees with humanitarian and legal assistance – says Kalina Czwarnoj, communications specialist and spokesperson for the Rescue Foundation.

Website developed by K2 Create Agency and SHOOTME Film Studio. You can watch it below:

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Salvation Foundation spot

– Today Pope Francis In the message on the topic uchod¼cow “We are in the same boat and we are called upon to abide so that there are no more walls separating us, no more others but only the United States, like all of humanity,” he says. This is why I am making a double plea to jointly move towards WE ARE BIGGER THAN EVER – says Michał Rutkowski, Managing Director of K2 Create.

– We would like the campaign we prepared, firstly, to make the audience think (that others are us), and secondly – to act. Because, to quote the classic: “One man can make a difference, but everyone must try” (…) After all, everyone can organize a set of the most needed products. or fundraising Money. Or go to the Ucarza Foundation’s help desk in Michau. We firmly believe that the drop will hollow out the rock. He adds that there are more people of good will.

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