Medals were distributed Friday afternoon to juniors specializing in epee. Kenja Zgarniak gave the best of the White and Red Army, who defeated the semi-finalists. Two Polish women were in the top eight in the tournament.

The kids had very good fights. They did a great job in team fights. Jan Sucha He emerged victorious from every duel, just like his brother Anthony. The other two also advanced to the main event without any issues. Peter Urban Gave only one fight, a Wiktor Walach He won four times. Two Poles made it to the 1/8 finals, although you can count on something more. road Anthony Sucha The best sixteen won 15:6 over Romanian Klaus Sipesan, 15:9 over Tenek from Kazakhstan and 15:7 with Briton Isaac Macker. Later, the Polish representative of India, Satasivan Nirmala, removed the white and red – 12:15. At the same stage of the fight, the second brother ended. Jan Socha was doing well, taking turns eliminating Cruz Schembri of the Virgin Islands 15:12, Henry Lawson of US 15:11 and another American, Skylar LeFrant 15:12. But later, he ran into a Frenchman who eventually won a bronze medal. Lino Heurlin Vazquez of the “Tri-color” team was better by six strokes. The two remaining white and red armies were eliminated after the first battles. Pyotr Urban lost to Fen Aksim Haynama in a pair, and Wiktor Wallach 8:15 to Dmytro Miketenko of Ukraine.

1 – Zsumbor Kestelly (Hungary)

2 – Mohamed Yassin (Egypt)

3 – James Gill (Great Britain) and Lino Herlin Vazquez (France)
5 – Siva Magish Satassivan Nirmala (India)
6 – Sven Fennis (Switzerland)
7 – Miguel Frazao (Portugal)
8 – Ryo Matsumoto (Japan)

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10. Anthony Sucha
11. Jan Sucha
75. Peter Urban

81. Wiktor Walach

The girls did better in Dubai, especially two of them. Kinga Zagreinak She fought the group competition like a storm, winning all six duels. The other two representatives, i.e. Elijah Classic and Gloria Klugardt, had four wins each after the first stage. In the main tournament, the Polish women also performed well. Born in 2003, he began training RKMS Rybnik with a 15:9 victory in the final 1/64 over Sarah Joe of the United States. Later, she was victorious in 15:12 duels with Japanese Erika Takahashi and with Uzbek rival Shakhzoda Egamberdieva. In the quarter-finals she faced Alina Erturk. The Polish woman was close to the semi-finals, because Turczynka turned out to be better than the 19-year-old by one point. The offers also gave us a lot of joy Elijah Classic. Last year’s trainee world champion beat Hannah Lepore of Great Britain 15:7, Sophie Chavigny of France 15:5 and Vitoria Celiti of Italy 15:11. Young woman from Rybnik, just like her teammate, had to say goodbye to the board at the quarter-final stage. She then defeated the Polish woman Nicole Feigen of Israel – 7:15. The third Polish woman – Gloria KlugardtHe didn’t stay on the board for long. The 19-year-old had to admit the superiority of Emily Konrad who represented Ukraine at the start of the main tournament – 14:15.

1 – Hadley Hossian (USA)

2 – Nicole Vision (Israel)

3 – Alina Erturk (Turkey) and Kitka Ketkar (USA)

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5. King’s Cop
6 – Esther Mahari (Hungary)
7 – Lili Boki (Hungary)
8. Elijah Classic

71 – Gloria Klugardt

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