In Dubai, there is a competition at the World Youth Championship. On Wednesday, gentlemen and ladies who specialize in tin appeared on the board. The Poles did not perform well, but it was decent. Tomasz Gorczyca took the top spot in the white and red stakes.

First, men appeared on the board – our country was represented by three whites and reds. Tomasz Gorczyca was the best of the men in team fights. UKS Atena Gdańsk player won five out of six fights and easily climbed to the main tournament. Thanks to the seeding, the Pole only started from the 1/32 final, but only made it to 1/16. Initially defeated Singapore representative Keun Lo 15:12. But later, the Italian Mattia Di Cristofaro turned out to be too strong for our player – he lost Gorcica 12:15 and said goodbye to the competition. Later in the tournament, we also saw Piotr Sowa, who won a set of four fights. He also started from the 1/32 final, but was eliminated there in the first match, surrendering to Hungary. The mousse ballet was better than the pole by eight strokes (15:7). Philip Winkoff in the group managed to get out unscathed from three engagements. In the main event, however, he didn’t fight long. He initially tackled Puerto Rico Jose Arnil Ortega 15:5, but then missed two goals to defeat Alessio Fukuda.

1 – Tet Nam Cheng (Hong Kong)
2 – Robin Lindner (Germany)
3 – Matteo Yacomoni (Italy) and Andrew Chen (USA)
5 – Adrien Helmy – Coquinac (France)
6 – Antoine Spiegger (France)
7 – David Sosnov (Great Britain)
8 – Mattia di Cristofaro (Italy)

21. Thomas Jurcica
46. ​​Peter Sawa
51. Philip Winkoff

Among the girls, we can also observe the struggles of three Polish women. All Biało-Czerwony advanced to the main tournament. Natasha Koss won three team fights, and lost two of the remaining two by just one point. Marta Jakoposka and Hana Vojtas won four duels each. In the main part of the competition, the latter came in the furthest place, although they won only once – with the Egyptian Loujain Khaled 15:8. The Polish women finished the tournament in the final 1/32 thanks to an earlier rating. Natasha Koss, in turn, fell in her first fight against Ryan Leslie of the United States – 6:15. It was similar to the Third Piao Xironha Road. Marta Jakubowska hit Gili Koretzky of Israel seven times and also had to say goodbye to the boards in Dubai quickly.

1 – Jessica Z Jia Gu (Canada)
2 – Carolina Stochori (Great Britain)
3 – Renault Nagase (Japan) and Matilda Molinari (Italy)
5 – Kimi Cheung (Singapore)
6 – Ayano Imura (Japan)
7 – Seunghyun Kim (South Korea)
8 – Geli Koretzky (Israel)

29. Hanna and Getas
42. Marta Jakoposka
49- Natasha Koss

Alexandra Suzek

I’ve been a staunch supporter of the Whites and Reds since I was a kid. I’m the closest to volleyball and snowboarding, but I follow almost every competition our representatives participate in. On the website, I deal mainly with volleyball, I also write about handball, athletics, rowing, fencing and snowboarding.