On the second day of competition at the Elite World Championship, up to 12 ice hockey teams were knocked out on ice. Second, Russia won the championship. The Finnish defenders beat the United States 2-1, and Denmark scored a historic 4-3 victory over Sweden.

Russia and Latvia played their matches the day after their debut during the tournament. “Sporna” easily dealt with Great Britain 7-1. In a much tougher match, Latvia lost to Kazakhstan only 2-3 after a penalty shootout.

The defenders of the championship title defeated the Finns of the Americans 2–1. All strikes were scored in the second half. Sumi was already in the lead 2-0 after a failed intervention by goalkeeper Calvin Petersen from the United States. The “Yankees” scored an outdated goal, but failed to equalize.

The Czechs can speak of a big career, despite their good performance, they already suffered a second defeat in elite competition at the World Cup. This time, the Swiss team turned out to be 1-2 better than the Czechs. The Czech Republic was leading for the first time in the tournament, with the score 1-0 after Philippe Schittel scored a “power play”. But later, the match went according to the “Helvetians” plan.

The Danish national team achieved this historic victory, which, for the first time in the history of mutual encounters with the championship, turned out to be 4-3 better than the Swedes. The hero of the winning team was striker Nicklas Jensen, who scored all four goals.

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Denmark-Sweden 4-3

Norway 1-5 Germany

Finland – United States 2-1

United Kingdom – Russia 1-7

Czech Republic – Switzerland 2-5

Latvia -Kazakhstan 2-3 subsequent penalty kicks

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