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Google recently tested Chrome user tracking with FLoC, and competition from DuckDuckGo has already figured out how to block that method. As stated in One of the official entries, Extension DuckDuckGo Privacy Basics It got an update and from version 2021.8.4 it is blocking FLoC in Google Chrome.

As the creators of DuckDuckGo note, Chrome users may not be aware that some of them are participating in tests of the new solution. FLoC is an alternative to cookies, the operation of which boils down to grouping users according to their interests. Unfortunately, contrary to Google’s assurances, this approach raises privacy and security concerns. We wrote more about it Exactly a week ago.

To avoid being tracked by FLoC, the DuckDuckGo team advises – which is unsurprisingly because it offers a competing browser – to abandon Chrome first, but if that’s not an option, then at least install the add-on described. It is an extension that blocks multiple trackers and was created with your privacy in mind.

Interestingly, by the way, there are some tips on how to avoid (temporarily at least) FLoC tracing. As it turns out, it suffices, for example, to log out of Chrome, abandon history sync, or turn off ad personalization in SettingsGoogle then removes the user from the set of “forced” FLoC testers in the browser.

addition DuckDuckGo Privacy Basics For Chrome, see Our software catalog.