Six months after the silver medal in the tournament in Poznan, the Polish figure skater won a bronze disc at the tournament in Varese. Thanks to a brilliant finish, he beat Greek Stefanos Doskos and crossed the finish line only behind Germany’s Oliver Zedler and Dane, Safri Nielsen. Compared to the European Championship in Poznan, there have been changes, because the Dane won ahead of the pole, the third (now sixth) Norwegian Kjetil Borch, the German fourth, and the fifth Greek.

Węgrzycki-Szymczyk’s other success may come as a surprise, as the 25-year-old is the only one of six European Championships contestants in Varese unsure of his performance at this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. A year and a half ago, he was less than 1.5 seconds away from the qualifiers but has made great progress since then and will be the favorite for the additional qualifying regatta scheduled for 16-18 May in Lucerne. The best players from this event will be promoted in singles.

Aside from Węgrzycki-Szymczyk, the bronze medal was also won by Artur Mikołajczewski in a lightweight single. This competition is not included in the program of the Tokyo Games, but the boat Goobo Kruszoicha is going to the capital of Japan. On a daily basis, he swims in a lightweight pair with Miłosz Jankowski, whose health issues ruled out his participation in the European Championships.

There were also three other men’s teams in the World Cup Finals, but no medals. The four doubles were in fourth place, including Fabian Baransky, Victor Chapelle, Dominic Zaga and Simeon Benschka, fifth place Miroslav Zytarsky and Matthews Biscup in doubles, Matthews Willangowski, Wukasz Busiaka, Mycochage Borda and Forda. Without a leader. In recent years, the last quartet won bronze at the European Championships in Poznan and gold at the 2019 World Championships, but then injured Marcin Brzeziński (instead of Posyłajka) was in the squad. It is certain that all three settlements will participate in the Olympic Games.

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Without Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska, only in the final B-won – four double (Katarzyna Boruch, Maria Sajdak, Marta Wieliczko, Katarzyna Zillmann) landed. This settlement qualified for the Olympics, as were the four without a captain, which consisted of Monica Chapelle, Joanna Detman, Olga Michaykevich, and Maria Wersbowska, who finished third in the final B. On the other hand, lightweight representatives are preparing to fight for the Olympic Games. In Varese, Wiktoria Kalinowska and Jacqueline Stillmazic won in Final B, and in the final there was only one settlement (Ireland) without a permit to Tokyo. If this sequence was repeated in Lucerne, the Polish women would go to the Olympics.

The next international rowing event will be the World Cup Regatta in Zagreb from April 30th to May 2nd.


European Rowing Championship

Olympic competitions.


Singles: 1. HANNA PRACHACEN (Russia) 7: 29.76; 2 – Victoria Thornley (Great Britain) 7: 36.17; 3. Jenin Gmelin (Switzerland) 7: 37.10.

My Husband Without a Leader: 1. Helen Glover, Polly Swan (Great Britain) 7: 02.73; 2 – Adriana Allincai, Iuliana Buhus (Romania) 7: 03.02; 3- Aina Sid, Virginia Diaz Rivas (Spain) 7: 03.75.

My Husband: 1. Nicoletta-Ankota Bodnar, Simona Janina Radice (Romania) 6: 49.84; 2 – Donata Karalin, Milda Valsiokite (Lithuania) 6: 53.33; 3. Holly Nixon, Saskia Budget (UK) 6:55.

My Lightweight Husband: 1. Valentina Rodini, Federica Cesarini (Italy) 6: 58.66; 2. Emily Craig, Imogen Grant (UK) 6: 59.66; 3. Marieke Keijser, Ilse Paulis (Netherlands) 7: 01.13. Final B: 1. (7.) Wiktoria Kalinowska, Jacqueline Stillmazic (Poland) 7: 06.35.

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Four Without a Leader: 1. Holland 6: 27.51; Ireland 6: 27.96; 3. Great Britain 6: 31.27. Final B: Third (9th) Poland (Monica Chapelle, Joanna Dietman, Olga Michakevic, Maria Wersbowska) 6: 47.86.

Double four: 1. Holland 6: 22.82; 2. Great Britain 6: 23.24; 3. Germany 6: 25.20. Final B: 1. (7.) Poland (Katarzina Boruc, Maria Sajdak, Marta Veliko, Katarzyna Zilmann) 6: 32.85.

Eight: 1. Romania 6: 06.67; 2- Netherlands 6: 09.98; 3 – Russia 6; 14.40.


Singles: 1. Oliver Seidler (Germany) 6: 48.86; 2 – Sferi Nielsen (Denmark) 6: 49.97; 3. Natan Węgrzycki-Szymczyk (Poland) 6: 51.85.

Twins without sides: 1. Martin Senkovic, Valent Senkovic (Croatia) 6: 23.37; 2 – Matteo Ludo, Giuseppe Vecino (Wuxi) 6: 24.72; 3. Martin Makovic, Milos Vasic (Serbia) 6: 25.58.

Doubles: 1. Hugo Boucheron, Mathieu Androdias (France) 6: 12.41; 2 – Melvin Tuiler, Stefan Bruink (Netherlands) 6: 14.66; 3. John Collins, Graeme Thomas (Great Britain) 6: 14.77 … 5. Mirosław Ziętarski, Matthews Biscope (Poland) 6:16.

Lightweight doubles: 1. FINTAN MCCARTHY, Paul O’Donovan (Ireland) 6: 18.14; 2 – Jonathan Romelman, Jason Osborne (Germany) 6: 19.94; 3. Stefano Obo, Pietro Rota (Italy) 6: 21.05.

Four Without a Leader: 1. Great Britain 5: 56.49; 2 – Romania 5: 58.34; 3. Italy 5: 59.42 … 5. Poland (Mekwag Borda, ukasz Posyłajka, Michał Szpakowski, Matthews Willangowski) 6: 03.68.

Double Four: 1. Italy 5: 41.09; 2- Netherlands 5: 42.56; 3- Estonia 5: 45-44 … Poland (Fabian Baraski, Victor Chappelle, Dominic Zagja, Simon Bissell) 5:46.

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Eighties: 1. Great Britain 5: 30.86; 2 – Romania 5:31: 42; 3. Netherlands 5: 32.25.