The Bundestag, which was established after the elections, is able to act. “The fact that the parliamentary groups of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP are dealing not only with coalition talks, but also with legislation in the face of the fourth wave, the so-called unvaccinated epidemic, is a good sign. But at the moment there is no real government ” – confirms “Tagspiegel”.

The CDU / CSU cabinet with the SPD, which has finished its term, is “busy with its own affairs”, and the new government of the SPD-Green-FDP coalition is just emerging. “We have an advisor in the withdrawal phase and we have a future advisor,” adds Tagesspiegel, stressing that instead of strength there is a “vacuum” in the center of power.

Parliamentary groups in the Bundestag have noticed this void – especially on important and current issues, such as the fight against the pandemic. As Tagesspiegel points out, despite the fact that parliamentarians are working on a law to protect against infection, there is no decisive action by the government.

Close and regular cooperation between the federal government and the provincial authorities is essential. “The chancellor’s regular meetings with cabinet and state chief ministers can be ironically received. But even if these events have rarely taken place unanimously, they have at least provided guidance on current issues. And that was what was missing this fall,” he asserts. Tagspiegel”.

The magazine adds that there has been no clear conclusion that “vaccines are the only reasonable way out of the chaos” of the epidemic. Not much has changed since the spring, it has been repeated that “vaccinated people are treated on equal terms with test subjects (…). So why vaccinate when tests are sufficient?” “There are still contradictions. Compulsory 3G has been introduced in the workplace. Great, but why not 2G? So again just a test is enough. Legislature is still pushing for tougher work-at-home commitment. So People who don’t want that. They want to be vaccinated, they can stay at home with the approval of the state.”

The German trade union is urging employees to take a serious approach to vaccination. “What are those who are being vaccinated to now think about staying away from work at home and being able to live and work normally during the pandemic?” – Tagspiegel concludes.

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