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August 11, 2021, 09:39

Dr. DisRespect will announce plans to establish his own development studio. She has a production game along with other big influencers.

Famous streamer Dr. DisRespect will open his own development studio. on his own page Champions Club There is a job offer for the person who will lead this team. A professional with at least five years of experience as a game developer is being sought. Knowledge of esports and monetization strategies is rewarded, indicating the likelihood of this happening The plans might be a free online game focused on PvP competition.

The demo shows that the studio will be creating projects for PC (available on Steam and Epic Games) and consoles. In addition, the company plans to cooperate with independent developers, including both co-creation of games and assistance in their implementation and promotion.

Interestingly, the studio will create games in collaboration with major influencers. Many companies now use video content to promote their projects. Here, however, Dr. Disrespect seems to want to continue and involve them in the creative process from the start.

Under normal circumstances, a person wishing to open their own development studio would take a shovel in the sun, but this is not the case. Dr. Des Respect is a character played by Herschel Bohm IV. Before this alternate character was created, by Sledgehammer Games studio. First, he plays the role of the person responsible for contacting the community, then he is promoted to level designer and worked on several multiplayer maps, which he found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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Therefore, Dr. Des Respect has experience in game development and knows very well what is required in such work. So the undertaking has a chance of becoming more than the whim of a famous streamer.

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