Tuesday Italian The volcano-monitoring agency said the southeast crater of Mount Etna had grown 37 meters after six months of activity. The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, based in the Sicilian city of Catania, announced that the smallest and most active crater Etna It reached 3357 meters.

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Italy: Stromboli volcano eruption

Mount Etna grew about 40 meters. Now the highest volcano in Europe is the tallest

“Thanks to the analysis and processing of satellite imagery, the southeast crater is now much higher than its ‘big brother’, and the northeastern crater for 40 years has been the undisputed summit of Mount Etna” – reads the press release INGV. The increase in the crater edge is due to the higher activity volcanoSince mid-February, nearly 50 lava and ash eruptions have been recorded. As mentioned by the portal Science alertMount Etna reached a record height in 1981, it was then 3350 meters, but it collapsed at its edges, reducing its height to 3,326 meters. This was recorded in 2018.

Although residents of Catania, located two hours from the volcano, are happy with Mount Etna, they admit that it can be a nuisance, and that ash sometimes falls from the sky like rain. Estimated rz ± du Sicily In July, 300,000 tons of ash were removed from the streets.

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Italy. Etna erupted again

Etna herself remembered this week. There are recordings online from Monday and Tuesday, showing how smoke, ash and lava come out of the crater.

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The volcanic eruption was accompanied by the loud sounds of an explosion. The volcano was active for several hours, and the locals immortalized the entire “scene”, which was breathtaking.

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