According to the portal, which refers to a draft agreement between the federal government and prime ministers of the federal states, the easing of restrictions will begin on March 8, when The ban on meeting people from other families will be lifted. Meetings are limited to 5 people, Not including children under the age of 14. These rules can be relaxed further in regions where there is a better epidemiological situation.

Libraries, garden stores, florists and driving schools will also openAnd in regions where the average number of new infections will be less than 35 per 100,000. Residents, other stores, cultural institutions and sports stadiums will also be able to open their doors. At the same time The new agreement also provides for “emergency brakes,” meaning the possibility of reinstating the restrictions should the situation worsen.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet the prime ministers of the federal states on Wednesday to discuss next steps in fighting the epidemic. Since the beginning of February, the number of new infections in Germany has stabilized below 10,000. per day. The lockdown has continued in Germany since December of last year.