Donald Trump card He was a guest at the annual Conservatives in the United States – the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, where he was greeted with enthusiasm. – did you miss me? (…) The amazing adventure we started is far from over. Trump said that our movement of proud, hard-working patriots has only just begun and we will win in the end.

Trump running for president? “Who do you know?”

For the next four years, brave Republicans gathered in this hall will be at the center of the battle against the Democrats’ radical program, as they repeat fake news media and cultural ostracism. I intend to stand by you in this battle – He said the former PresidentHe leaves no doubt that he plans to play a major role in the Republican Party. He even suggested that the next stage could be started elections Against the Democrats. – Who do you know? Maybe I’ll decide to defeat them for the third time Donald Trump said, confirming that he lost to Biden due to fraud. He also stressed that he does not want to establish a new political party. – We have a Republican party. It will be united and stronger than ever. He said: I am not creating a new group.

The former president strongly criticized the Republicans who voted to impeach him and called for their defeat in the primaries. He pleaded with his followers, “Let’s get rid of them all.” Donald Trump described Joe Biden’s first month in office as a disaster. He criticized the new president for his immigration and energy decisions, among others. – Joe Biden marked the most disastrous first month of all presidents in recent history Donald Trump confirmed.