My cousin Vinny Director Jonathan Lynn realized these ideas after a bizarre press conference where Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani quoted the 1992 movie – which he cited as one of his favorites – in order to make a point.

“I take Giuliani’s praise for My cousin Vinny Generosity from the guy who is currently giving the best comedic performance of the year, ” Lin said The Hollywood Reporter.

During the press conference, the former New York City mayor compared the presidential election observers who were kept out of the vote count with a scene in the movie where Finney, directed by Joe Pesci, asks a witness in court how many toes he’s holding across the courtroom. (The witness’s glasses were too thick, and she thinks they’re incorrect.)

Referring to Republican presidential election observers, Giuliani said: “These people were further afield My cousin Vinny He was the witness. They can’t see anything! “

The former mayor’s comments were met with more surprise on Twitter, with The Daily Beast Entertainment Editor Marlow Stern writing,My cousin Vinny It is about a personal injury lawyer from Brooklyn, who directs a judge to allow him to try a case by impersonating someone else, so this is tracking. ”

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