As you know, the American giant last year made changes to Android Auto, thus completely cutting off Google Play Music. Not all of them are fans of new solutions, but the giant does not give up. Drivers say he went too far in promoting YouTube Music.

Google recommends YouTube Music whether drivers want it or not

Last year, the American giant introduced a change to Android Auto that ended Google Play Music and, in return, offered drivers the move to YouTube Music. Needless to say, some people didn’t feel like changing, despite Google trying hard.

Now that Play Music is gone, YouTube Music is the recommended option being promoted by the American giant. Not only on Android mobile devices, but also in cars. He spares no effort in this direction, and the practices he uses for this purpose are questionable.

Is the American giant resetting the manual driver settings?

An error has been reported in the Google ForumsWhich brings back YouTube Music as boomerang as the default car music app.
Simply put, despite the fact that drivers manually configure the default Music app in Google Assistant, YouTube Music returns to settings before nighttime passes.

This practice makes it difficult for drivers to listen to music in the car, because the app stubbornly tries to play YouTube Music on the car’s front unit. Moreover, it recommends subscribing every time to gain access to the full range of functions.

“I don’t want to use YouTube Music and I don’t have YouTube Music installed on my phone. All my music is stored locally on my phone,” writes a forum user

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It only took a moment for drivers to start suspecting that Google had dirty tricks aimed at getting users to YouTube Music. However, in this case, it is possible that the Google Assistant is responsible for such behavior.

Specifically, the problem is how it handles the default music playback settings in Android Auto. Most likely, the American giant will have to make the necessary corrections in subsequent updates of the application.