Football should be enjoyed in the UK while it is there, as more and more matches are not being played due to the coronavirus infection. Manchester United have recorded nearly 20 positive COVID-19 test results among footballers and coaching staff. Matches are regularly canceled and ‘Boxing Day’, the second day of Christmas on which the Premier League is traditionally supposed to take place, is also in doubt.

Premier League 2021/22. Liverpool is not slowing down

Liverpool achieved their sixth consecutive league win and kept one point behind Manchester City. Jurgen Klopp’s side entered the match well and harassed their opponents with several dangerous measures, but it was Newcastle that took the lead. Gongo Shelvey, the former Reds player, hit a powerful shot from the penalty area.

But Liverpool did not care much about receiving the goal, and less than a quarter of an hour later, his goal was 1-1. Four minutes later, Klopp’s team advanced, and Mohamed Salah scored the goal, and this was the fifteenth consecutive game with either a goal or a decisive pass. The second half was less dynamic, but decorated with a superb kick from Trent Alexander-Arnold by the penalty area. A hard hit determined the end result 3:1.

Premier League 2021/22. Chelsea lose points

Chelsea were unable to translate their complete dominance into situations that led to goals. For The Blues, possession was high with 80 percent. Everton’s defense only broke in the 70th minute and it looked like Chelsea would now do the inevitable destruction of Liverpool’s blue players. Nothing could be more wrong. Everton answered less than four minutes after Mason hit Mt. Jared Branthuite’s shot led Rafael Benitez’s team to a tie in a match where the only result was Chelsea’s victory.

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