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Gas stations in the UK are suffering from severe fuel shortages. The government maintains that the shortage is only caused by consumer panic and that the UK has no problem with fuel availability. The problem is not really related to the goods themselves, but to the logistics.

There is a shortage of drivers in Great Britain cars Trucks that can deliver fuel from refineries to stations. This shortage has been around for several months and has been exacerbated by the pandemic. First, Brexit has done a disservice – after de facto exit from the EU, immigration law was introduced in the UK, making it difficult for potential workers from EU countries to access. The coronavirus pandemic has also made it more difficult for Britons to train for this profession. There will be up to 100,000 vacancies in total.

The fuel crisis in Great Britain. Boris Johnson to consider ‘Operation Escalin’

Great Britain. Operation Escalin is on the table

Over the weekend, the government announced that it would issue 5,000 temporary work visas (until Christmas) to truck drivers. In addition, 400,000 people will be trained, and letters encouraging them to return to the profession will be sent to already licensed large truck drivers (nearly one million people in the UK).

It was also announced that fuel companies will be temporarily exempted from competition law, so they can freely share information and cooperate to ensure supplies. The ministers also discussed the possibility of implementing “Operation Escalin” – a plan prepared a few years ago incident The so-called hard Brexit, assuming the emergency use of soldiers as drivers.

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Fuel shortages at stations in Great BritainFuel shortages at stations in Great Britain. The army is on standby

Great Britain is looking for drivers. What are the offers?

Because of the ongoing crisis, Great Britain is trying to attract high-paid workers. Drivers have to fulfill a number of requirements – a Class C + E driver’s license and experience driving a tractor truck with a tanker truck are required. A communicative knowledge of the English language is also required. If you work from Monday to Friday, you can earn up to 16,000. PLN net per month.

– These are currently earnings at a good level, but more attractive offers are expected in the coming weeks. Some drivers already boast about 20,000 profits. PLN per month on hand. However, I have not yet met such a client offer – she said in an interview with the service Maria Kaszowska from CE Driver, a driver recruitment broker. She added that the average is currently 14-16 thousand. PLN Network.

For example, in Preston, England, Werkservice offers 2.5 thousand. GBP for work from Monday to Friday (less than PLN 14000) and the job is guaranteed permanent, full-time – reports. In return, Thorn Contractors, converted into Polish currency, offer about 20 thousand. PLN network, but willingness to work at night is required.