AP It refers to two people with knowledge of the interview that was supposed to take place on Thursday afternoon. According to an informant, it was a “good conversation” during which Mike Pence lent his support to his successor and congratulated Kamala Harris, future vice president. United States of America.

Mike Pence called to congratulate Kamala Harris

The outgoing Vice President has followed the tradition of demonstrating collegiality between outgoing leaders and replacing them. In 2008, Vice President Dick Cheney called to congratulate Joe Biden (the Vice President with Barack Obama) and invited him and his wife to the Vice President’s home. In 2016, on a similar basis Biden He met with the current vice president.

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Trump will go bankrupt? “It is possible”

The Associated Press stressed that Pence’s call with Harris on Thursday was the first known time that a representative of the outgoing Donald Trump administration had contacted someone from the new government.

Trump card So far he has not spoken and has not invited Joe Biden to the White House, but has undermined his victory in the elections. Moreover, outgoing President He announced – unlike his deputy – that he would not participate in the January 20 handover ceremony.

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