We’ll have to wait a while Batman With his debut in cinemas, it looks like we’ll be getting a unique story from the film’s writer soon. On Wednesday, the capital announced Batman: Cheater, a three-part series in Prestige format due out in October. The series was written by Mattson Tomlin, who wrote the script. Contributed Batman Along with Matt Reeves and Peter Craig, she has also worked in films such as movies Project Strength I small fish. Tomlin will collaborate with Eisner Award-winning artist Andrea Sorrentino to further his work Green Arrow, Joker: a killer smile, I Batman: Smile Killer.

w Batman: CheaterBruce Wayne’s mission as Batman has been around for about a year or so, but he can tell that it’s making a difference. Unfortunately, he made powerful enemies. All the traditional psychics in Gotham are okay with the uproar that Batman has brought to town… and one seems to have a plan to neutralize it. There’s a second Batman stalking Gotham’s rooftops and alleys – and he doesn’t hesitate to kill criminals directly and on tape.

With all the Gotham City police force and Gotham’s fortune and power falling on his head, Batman has to find this crook and somehow clear his name… But how do you prove your innocence behind the mask?

“As a eternal Batman fan, photographing Gotham City is a dream come true,” Tomlin said in a statement. Question: What if Batman was real? Listed perhaps, incredible potential that hasn’t been fully exploited lately in comics. Batman: The Impostor treats Bruce Wayne and the people around him as tragically flawed and lived-in realities, with the obstacles Batman faces due to a reality that strongly reflects us.

“I’ve been a fan of him for years, and working with Andrea Sorrentino is an absolute gift,” Tomlin added. “His vibrant graphics and truly innovative designs took this story to a new level, and Jordi Belair’s truly stunning colors spoiled my first show with DC.”

“I’ve worked on Batman as a supporting character in many books, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to work on a Batman title and it was amazing,” Sorrentino repeated. “I’ve been a huge Batman fan since I was a kid and watched Tim Burton’s Batman movie in 1989. So the opportunity to work with Matson and Jordi on this version of the Caped Crusader was an early birthday present!”

Batman: Cheater It will be released on Tuesday 12 October in print and on participating digital platforms (English version). In addition, the series will be released in hardcover format, which will be available on February 22, 2021. Localized print editions of the series will also appear in day and date in the following regions: Spain, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, France, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, and Argentina.

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