Katowice Buildings with green roofs and facades or the so-called vertical gardens will be wholly or partly exempt from real estate tax – the project prepared by City Hall assumes. The local government wants to reward those who contribute to making the city greener.

The initiative to exempt green buildings from property tax came from the Katowice City Council Climate Committee. This proposal was supported by the Mayor of Katowice, Marcin Krupa, and city officials prepared an appropriate draft resolution, which will soon be taken up by the City Council. And as the mayor emphasized Wednesday, the city is focusing on the environment and actions needed to protect the climate.

We are implementing many green projects within the green budget, new parks are being built, and there are more and more retention tanks in the city. Thanks to the increased environmental awareness, our residents are also involved in many projects. They include planting flower lawns, planting trees from the application, or adopting old pots. These activities are part of the city’s sustainable development policy; Now we want to reward those who go a step further by creating a green space inside their building – explained Marcin Krupa.

The project provides for property tax exemption for dwellings located in buildings with green roofs (over the entire roof), vertical gardens (at least half a wall of an apartment building), or with green facades (over the entire wall, with plants rooted in the ground). The exemption will be valid for one year, with the possibility of extension if green spaces are maintained.

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The exemption applies to usable areas of residential buildings, not used for commercial activities, located in residential buildings. Discounts target both residents and businessmen.

The exemption applies to all residential buildings in buildings of up to six floors. Green roofs, vertical gardens and green facades will be more effective in lowering the ambient temperature due to the smaller surface that emits heat compared to buildings over six stories tall. Officials in Katowice made it clear that the latter half would be tax-exempt.

Currently in Katowice, the second edition of the so-called green budget, according to which the population has 3 million zlotys at their disposal for the implementation of green ideas in the city. It is about projects that serve the environment or animals. You can submit projects such as greening public spaces, revitalizing squares and parks, creating flower lawns or caring for old trees, as well as educational projects in the field of ecology and nature protection.

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