Dean of Warsaw Medical University, Prof. Zbigniew Gaciong should resign; Maintaining the situation in its current form does not serve the vaccination program or the development of the Warsaw Medical University – confirmed Monday by Minister of Education and Science Przemislav Kzarnik.

The head of the MEiN in the first program of Polish Radio was asked about the position of the Chancellor of the Medical University of Warsaw, who stated in an interview with Dziennik Gazeta Prawna that his resignation due to irregularities in the regulation of vaccinations by the Medical University of Warsaw Medical Center would be a mistake.

“I think the situation that occurred in the facility of the Medical University of Warsaw, a scandalous, embarrassing and disgraceful situation for most Poles, which also resulted from opinion polls, indicates that the university president should resign. I also appeal to the university president for this, after the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzelsky, ”stressed the Minister of Education.

Kazarnik believes that “maintaining this situation as it is does not serve the national immunization program, the development of the Warsaw Medical University, or the training of future medical staff.” “My opinion is unequivocal, just like the opinion of the Minister of Health,” he added.

At the end of 2020, information was published that the Medical University of Warsaw Medical Center had vaccinated people outside of Group Zero who were not entitled to do so. Among these people was, among others the former Prime Minister and currently SLD member of the European Parliament Leszek Miller with his wife. The vaccine was received, among others, by the actors: Christina Janda, Maria Seurin, Viktor Zborowski, Mikai Bajor, Radoslaw Pazora, satirist Krzysztof Materna and TVN Program Director Eduard Miszak. In addition, entrepreneurs appear on the list, including Zbigniew and Elżbieta Grycan, owners of a network of famous ice cream parlors, as well as “Dr Irena Eris” founders – Irina Iris and Henrik Orfinger.

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Minister of Health Adam Niedzelsky, when summarizing the results of the free zone inspection on this issue, among other things, stated that he saw no possibility of cooperating with the university authorities. “I expect the resignation of the president of the Warsaw Medical University,” he said.

a. In response, Jaseung announced that he would not resign and assessed that the “image crisis” that affected Warsaw Medical University was the result of “not only errors committed by the Warsaw Medical University Medical Center”, but also “an unprecedented manipulation of public opinion by the Minister of Health.” PAP)

Author: Agnieszka Ziemska

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