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Alex Goldfarb was reported missing on the slopes of Pasteura Peak on Sunday. The American was preparing to climb the wide summit. He hasn’t given any sign of life since Saturday. The Hungarian rescue team included Zoltan Zlanco and Icelandic John Snorri. He was the last of the climbers to try to climb the K2 this winter.

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However, the rescue operation was unsuccessful. On Sunday, attempts were made to find the American using drones, and on Monday, a Skardu helicopter flew over to take a search team on board. The object was spotted on the third voyage of the slopes of Pasteura.

It turned out to be Alex Goldfarb’s corpse. There is currently no information on the cause of death, but a fall from a great height appears to be more likely.

According to preliminary information, Goldfarb and Szlanko have stepped up to acclimatize. The Hungarian turned around and his climbing partner went further. But the American did not return to the camp. To cover the costs of the procedure, his son organized an online fundraising campaign. 30,000 dollars were collected to capture the helicopter within a few hours.