On the second day of the European Junior and Youth Track Championships, the Poles won two medals. The U-23 cyclists won the silver medal in the team sprint, and the junior team in the race to investigate won the bronze.

In the women’s under-23 team race, only two teams stood at the start of the competition: the Poles and the Germans. Our cyclists rode in the following line-up: Joanna Buczak, Paulina Petri and Nicola Siak, and in the qualifying rounds also Natalia Wake. Our competitors were better in both races and won the gold, and the Poles won the silver. We saw more teams at the start of the youth team race. The Poles (Konrad Borowski, Tomasz Dobrzynski and Matthew Strauch) were ranked fifth. The British defeated Germany and Italy.

The Polish women won bronze in the junior race, riding the following lineup: Zuzana Zhelinska, Anna Dujac, Maja Traka and Martina Schosna, and Laura Rybkevich in the qualifying rounds. In the race for bronze, the Polish women defeated the Swiss, while in the final the Italians turned out to be better than the Germans. Behind the podium in this competition were our juniors (Marek Capella, Konrad Walleniak, Kamel Dulac and Dominic Ratajzak), who lost the bronze race with the British. The Italians stood on the highest rung of the podium, and the Germans had silver.

Marek Capella was also close to the medal in the junior qualification race, in which, as in the team, he finished fourth, which was the worst for the athlete. The podium in this competition was as follows: Matteo Vorin (Italy), Jade Smithson (Great Britain) and Shaq Erzen (Slovenia). Martyna Szczęsna was ranked fifteenth among juniors. The Czech Barbora Nemkova won the European Champion title, defeating Anna Kulesuk (Ukraine) and Owen Roberts (Great Britain).

The Eagles and Little Eagles competed at Ground Zero on Friday. Here we got close to the medal again, specifically Nikola Wieluska who finished fourth. Gold went to Petra Sevsikova (Czech Republic), who was the only one to make the round above the rest of the stake. Ella Barnwell (Great Britain) was second and Daniela Campos (Portugal) third. In the men’s race, Radosław Frątczak crossed the finish line in sixth place. The strongest in this area was William Tidpool (Great Britain), ahead of Tim Waeffler (Austria) and Kirill Karenka (Ukraine).

In the one kilometer race from the standing start, we had two of our pups. Radosław Laskowski took seventh place, while Gracjan Dąbrowski came in seventh. The gold medal was won by Czech Matej Hittich. Germany’s Kenneth Menge finished second, while Benat Garayar Picabia of Spain finished the podium.

It also began competing in the emerging singles sprint. We no longer have our representatives in it, because Natalia Gowaca and Natalia Kacmarkczyk were eliminated in the 1/8 stage of the final. The semi-finalists have been promoted to: Julie Nicholas (Belgium), Stella Muller, Clara Schneider (Germany) and Anna Japornikova (Czech Republic).