A new green leisure space will be built in Nowe Miasto residential area

Category: Investments / July 16, 2022

Photo of the green city council in Rzeszów

The colorful permanent bed, curved like a ribbon, with objective curves in its curves, will be the leitmotif of the recreational areas to be built in the residential area of ​​Nowe Miasto.

– Nowe Miasto is another residential property in Rzeszów that will be enriched with new green recreational areas this year. Four companies submitted tenders to implement this investment. The Kris-Bud Company display was selected from Jasienica Rosielna. The cost of this task is 285 thousand PLN. with – Arthur informs Gernand of the Rzeszow President’s Chancellery.

The recreation space will be built in the area between the Oglnoksztacc school complex No. 4 and Kindergarten No. 38. Its main part will be a colored discount, with different objective curves in its curves.

The first, educational, will allow to observe scientific phenomena related to the movement of the Earth (the sundial) and the transmission and conservation of energy (Newton’s pendulum).

– On the second turn, external musical instruments will be installed: drums, antenna, tube bells and cymbals – Gernand Lists. The next part will contain cognitive cubes, or knots with information about insect pollination, honey plants and tree energy, which will allow children to learn about new organisms and encourage them to research them in their environment. At this point, “houses” for wild insects will be created. The food base for them, apart from flowering perennials, will also be the plants that make up the flower bed. As part of this investment, honeycomb benches will also be constructed.

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– The mission ends this year – Officials announce.


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