July 16 2022, 15:35

author: Camille “grim_reaper” Klasik

Josh Sher, one of the main characters of the Naughty Dog team, has decided to separate from the company he has been associated with for more than two decades. We owe him the success of the massive Uncharted series The Last of Us: Part II.

Had it not been for Josh Scherr in Naughty Dog, the studio might not have been so successful. This American screenwriter and computer game designer joined the team in 2001, and for many years has been performing important jobs on projects from the series Unknown. Cher’s contribution was particularly notable In the third and fourth installments of The Adventures of Nathan DrakeHe played the role of animator and lead writer. In addition, he was heavily involved in the design Our last part 2.

However, everything has an end and After 21 years in business, the creator has decided to leave the Naughty Dog studio. announced his decision in Twitter.

Naughty Dog has lost a veteran of 21 years;  He was behind the animation - Illustration #1

Source: Twitter / @joshscherr.

We read in the published posts that the developer is waiting for “something new”, but at the moment he has not disclosed any details about his future. His departure from Naughty Dog may be related to his former collaborator – Amy Hennig – who is now heading up a new studio: Skydance New Media. in April inform usThat this team will create another game in the universe star Wars. It is possible that a colleague made a proposal to Cher to collaborate on an obscure project.

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