Emma Corinne, who portrays the young Princess Diana the crown In the fourth season, he learned a lot about the Princess of Wales while filming.

I was shocked to discover, however, that the real Diana actually did a theatrical run of “whatever I ask of you” from Phantom of the Opera To Prince Charles.

In the fourth episode of Season 4 “Avalanche”, Diana tells Charles that she was a surprise for him on his birthday, which turned out to be a VHS tape of her as she performs the now-on-production classic Broadway song.

“It’s just as it happened in the series – as if she hired a West End set, got a film crew, and shot the movie for Charles,” Corinne said. Vanity Fair. “It is my mind.”

a ghostThe official Twitter account also confirmed the real moment, as “Princess Diana, in one of her many visits to … a ghost. All I Ask of You has always been one of her favorite songs, as she once made a special video on the Phantom Stage. Excited to see this moment on TheCrownNetflix with gorgeous Emma Corinne. #the crown.”

the crown Lead researcher Annie Sulzberger has also validated the scene, saying The TelegraphWe didn’t make this up. There were a number of them [press] Reports on this matter, enough to make us feel comfortable to include in the show. It is a story that preceded the writing of the script. “

“To reduce the number of witnesses, there is a chance they have run a recording,” Sulzberger said.

Emma Corinne as Princess Diana in The Crown


As for “Corinne”, the actress filmed “All I Ask of You” and the “Uptown Girl” ballet scene within two days, which she described as “overwhelming”.

She said, “I was talented.” “Filming any kind of performance sequence means you have to do it a thousand times. There were also a lot of people around.”

Corinne also described the experience of singing “all I ask of you” in the company of the cast and phantom conductor.

She said, “Obviously a real conductor is very accustomed to doing it his way. He’s been leading it for years. And I learned it differently. So I started singing, and it was horrible, because basically we were doing two different things.

“I remember everyone was thinking, Oh no, either because I was going to have to try to learn a completely different version of timing and everything, or he had to bend over. And it was okay. It was just terrifying. I was so worried about doing it badly.”

Elizabeth Debicki is set to portray Diana in the crownThe last two seasons. Season 5 will begin production in June 2021.