The Serbian newspaper “Blec” reported that the decision not to release Vucic was to be issued by the Croatian government headed by Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic. Croatian media claims that Vučić wanted to cross the Croatian border from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Serbia, which is part of the country, and reach Jasenovac around 11- The Croatian government considers that “the intention was to provoke the Croatian side on the eve of that day The memory of Operation Storm“.

Today Vucic visits Gradina in Republika Srpska, where it is celebrated every year The suffering of the Serbs in the Jasenovac camp.

In the first reaction to the Croatian ban, the Serbian Ministry of Interior imposed restrictions on the movement of all persons holding a Croatian diplomatic passport in Serbia. Croatian diplomats, regardless of the purpose of their visit to Serbia, will have to inform the Croatian Ministry of the Interior of their plans.

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