Andrew Lloyd Webber announced dates for the reopening of its major theaters.

The composer said he was “extremely optimistic” about the audiences returning yet Covid-19 The vaccine was introduced, as it revealed that most of its theaters will open again by early next summer – more than a year since they were closed due to the pandemic.

He said previews of the new musical, Cinderella, will begin on April 30th at the Jillian Lane Theater in London’s West End.

Composer Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber says he is “optimistic” about the future of theater
The Phantom Of The Opera will return to the West End in June 2021

The Phantom Of The Opera will return to the West End at Her Majesty’s Theater in June 2021, while the musical adaptation of Disney Frozen will begin at the recently refurbished Royal Drury Lane in the spring.

The musical version of Back to the Future will be shown at Adelphi Theater this June.

Matilda returns to the Cambridge Theater in Covent Garden in late spring – with a date yet to be confirmed.

The Other Place, a smaller stage segment of LW Theaters by Lord Lloyd Webber, said it will reopen at the end of June next year.

Lord Lloyd Webber said: “I’ve been working non-stop throughout the year to restore the stage and these are the first dates that I feel confident we will be able to reopen to full capacity.

“Since I have been in the Oxford COVID vaccine trial, I am extremely optimistic that once the vaccine comes out, the public will return to the stage in large numbers.

Matilda returns to theaters late spring next year
Matilda returns to the stage in late spring next year

“My theaters will be ready for them, and I can’t wait to go.”

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The hospitality and leisure sectors have been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic – with many businesses forced to close during national and local lockdowns.

In all Level 3 areas, entertainment venues will remain closed.

In Level 2 – including some places in London – places will continue to operate at low capacity.

The Theaters Trust previously stated that it would be difficult for many theaters to reopen with social distancing measures.