Royal fans described the Duke of Sussex as “waking up” after he said the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed more than 1.49 million lives, was like “Mother Nature sent us into our rooms because of bad behavior.” But the 36-year-old was immediately ridiculed for being “self-righteous” and sparked outrage from royal fans, who asked, “Do the old and the weak deserve to be punished?”

Speaking from California in a video appearance for the new environmental broadcasting service Waterbear, he said: “Someone told me at the start of the pandemic, it feels like Mother Nature has sent us into our rooms for bad behavior to really take a moment and think about what we did.

“It definitely reminded me of how interconnected we are all, not just as people but through nature.

“We take too much from it and hardly ever return too much.”

Then the Duke of Sussex went on to talk about how individuals can take responsibility for the environment, and compare people to “raindrops.”

He added, “Every drop of rain that falls from the sky relaxes the dry land.”

“What if all of us were a raindrop? If each of us cared? We do it, because at the end of the day, nature is the source of our life.”

But angry royal fans attacked Prince Harry for his “ridiculous” comments.

Someone said: Prince Harry the hypocrite, so the old and the frail deserve punishment? I hope he stops lecturing us with the view of his awake wife. “

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Another posted on Twitter: “Brainwashed, wake up, attention-seeking victim, Prince Harry thinks we should be” raindrops. “

One added, “This is a complete and absolute left-handed wake.”

Others also dragged Meghan Markle into the response, with one saying, “I have no interest in anything he or his wife says, hypocrisy at its best.”

Another tweet: “Why can’t these two people do anything like normal people? Why is everything about them superfluous and righteous …?!?.”

And one added, “Well Harry, we’ll remind you of this the next time you travel in privacy!”

One Twitter user posted: “Some are raindrops, Harry and some are chips.”

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9.01 am update: Prince William “takes action as king” after falling out with Charles

Prince William and Prince Charles may share a passion for conservation and environmental protection, but they are said to be deeply divided over the vast ivory collection at Buckingham Palace.

The future king reportedly told zoologist and family friend Dr. Jane Goodall that he wanted to “see all the ivory that belonged to Buckingham Palace in ruins” six years ago.

According to royal author Robert Jobson, Charles sometimes felt a “duty to wade” when his children were in danger of being upset – and so the heir continued to have a “frank exchange of views” with his eldest son regarding the disorder of the palace.

Mr. Jobson recalls: “Charles told William that he was“ naive ”and that he should have chosen his words more carefully.

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While Charles values ​​his son’s sentiments, he believes there is a vast difference between calling for action against now illegal merchants and ordering Buckingham Palace to give up the large and historic collection of artifacts that are part of the Royal Collection Trust.

8.22 am update: Kate’s mother hints at the ‘beautiful excitement’ of the descendants of the Royal Family

Kate’s mother, Carol, described Christmas Eve as a “special occasion” for her family – and says the kids are “kindly excited” by Santa in a possible nod to her royal grandchildren.

The 65-year-old said that kids enjoy giving Dad Christmas gifts on Instagram.

Ms. Middleton also suggested that their cousins ​​in different families “might have fun organizing their Santa goodies together over a video call.”

Carole, who lives with her husband Michael, 71, in Bucklebury Manor, Berkshire, has written to followers of party Pieces on Instagram.

She said, “Christmas Eve has always been a special occasion for my family.

“ Kids are so excited about the idea that Father Christmas is coming, and they really want to give him something – and they’ll really appreciate our new collections and boxes on Christmas Eve.

“If you are planning for a virtual Christmas, cousins ​​in different families might enjoy organizing their Santa goodies together over a video call.”

7.55 AM Update: Prince Harry saved because he had 16 bathrooms

Pierce Morgan issued a scathing attack on Prince Harry for “having 16 bathrooms” and asked him to “do what you preach”.

Presenter Good Morning Britain criticized the Duke of Sussex for having 16 bathrooms in his Montecito palace. He told him to “do what you preach” after Harry urged members of the public to be “like raindrops” to “rest the dry land” while launching a new streaming platform for environmental programs.

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He said, “Each of us, what if all of us were a drop of rain,” he declared.

“This is to cure the world from global warming, obviously, from his California mansion, which accidentally talks about raindrops, has 16 bathrooms.

“It seems like every bathroom, I just calculated this, every bathroom uses 4.5 million drops of water. If their 16 baths were used daily, they would use 72 million drops of water per day.

“So when Prince Harry says what if all of us were a raindrop, you’re currently using 72 million drops of water every day. How about taking some of that and putting it in, what does he call it, dry land?”