The pandemic has taken a lot since 2020, and so far the countdown has had to make changes.

Nick Heuer, Channel 4 quiz host, reluctantly resigned his post while protecting the home during England’s lockdown.

The 76-year-old star was replaced by Colin Murray after his concerned family refused to let him take any chances by going to work.

The pensioner falls into the category of “vulnerable” due to his advanced age, and he advised those over the age of 70 to exercise extra caution amid the epidemic.

Nick Heuer was reluctantly forced to step down from his position as he was protecting at home

Nick said he was “confident” of the “military style” health and safety protocols for the Covid 19 channel, but his family insisted he step down.

He’ll stay on screen for quite some time due to pre-filming episodes.

He took his former favorite apprentice Twitter To tell the fans about the sad news.

“ Good luck to Colin Murray, the famous dictionary corner guest and countdown fanatic, who takes charge of me as the host of the day and the rest of the Covid Lockdown records (although I’ll be on your screens for a week or two) like 76 year-old shields at home despite amazing security protocols Military-style developed by ITV Studios and Channel 4.

Nick said he was “confident” of the “military approach” of Covid 19’s health and safety protocols, but his family insisted he step down.

“Between you and me, I would have continued to work with confidence, but the family handcuffed my hand to a radiator, saying, ‘It’s not going anywhere.'”

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“So enjoy your time with Colin and make my chair warm for me.”

Ex-Lord Right Right Alan Sugar took on the role of hosting Countdown from Jeff Stling in 2012.

He became a favorite among viewers and his buddies who flocked to the star’s social account to express their mourning over his absence.

The former novice favorite has taken to Twitter to tell fans of the sad news

Rachel Riley, Nick’s presenter, tweeted, “Keep your TV husband at peace! We wish you good luck with her temporary TV friend ColinMurray.”

The receptionist, Colin, replied, admitting that he was “on the nerves,” but thanking Nick for his “nice” message, writing, “That’s very kind and very appreciative!

“My nerves have calmed down somewhat, so thank you! I’ll make sure to keep your dressing room clean! Love family.”