Another 89 students have been confirmed infected with the Coronavirus at universities in bathroom Over the past week.

The University of Bath And 63 new student injuries were recorded Corona Virus In the past six days since November 4.

An employee tested positive during that period, bringing the total number of teachers who got Covid-19 at the university to 11.

Bath Spa University Another 26 cases were recorded between November 2 and 8, down from the previous week of 38.

The two universities have put in place extensive measures to protect staff and students from the coronavirus, including local outbreak management plans.

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From tomorrow (Wednesday 11 November), COVID-19 Safety Officers He would reach the streets of Bath to explain current guidelines and encourage people to social distancing.

Two uniformed officers will patrol high-density areas and work with the B & NES Board’s CCTV team, police and the Bath Business Improvement District (BID).

Detail of issues

In total, the University of Bath recorded 667 cases from September 29 to November 9, with 11 employees testing positive.

The largest number of cases reported in a single day at the University of Bath in the past seven days was 16, reported Sunday, November 8.

On Monday, November 9, the university registered 15 more new cases.

A drawing produced by the University of Bath shows the most recent cases

The average new cases for new students at the University of Bath for seven days now stands at 10.71 and 0.29 for employees.

Bath Spa University has recorded 89 cases of the new coronavirus since October 19.

Earlier in September, the university was reporting five new cases per week, but that increased along with the rise in cases nationwide.

The highest week so far for new infections was the university, which publishes weekly data on its website, between October 26 and November 1, when 38 new cases were recorded.

For the last week of October, 40 percent of the coronavirus cases in Bath were from universities.

Debate raged over how best to take care of students and those in the community.

A Pathology expert said last October Students have to go home And remote learning to slow the rise in coronavirus cases.

There are another 190 cases of COVID-19 Tests have been registered via Somerset in the past 24 hoursAccording to government data released yesterday (November 9).

Bath and Northeast Somerset It witnessed the largest jump in the region, with 61 new infections.

Over the past seven days, this region recorded an increase of 419 cases, and three deaths in hospitals.