Cardiff And the SwanseaIt will enter local closings in an attempt to stem the rally Corona Virus cases.

The Welsh government He said the two big city council districts It will be subject to local closings starting at 6 PM on Sunday 27 September. YaneliIt would also undergo Wales’s 1st citywide lockdown instead of the local authority level with 13 council wards covered by procedures.

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The new rules mean that people in all areas subject to the new measures:

  • A face covering must be worn in stores if they are over 11 years old.
  • He could no longer meet people from other homes inside. Extended families will not be permitted and overnight stays will be prohibited.
  • It is not possible to enter or leave the town hall area without a “reasonable excuse”. This includes working, if people are unable to work from home, as well as making an affectionate visit to a loved one or caregiver.
  • Can only meet others outdoors.

The lockdowns were implemented after the infection rate reached 38.2 per 100,000 people in Cardiff on Thursday based on a rolling average of the previous seven days. This prompted Council Chairman Huo Thomas to do so Be warned, the city was on the verge From entering a local insurance.

The infection rates in Swansea were at 49.8 per 100,000 people on Thursday but by Friday that number had reached 56.3. You can see the latest infection rates across Wales by going Here.

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The announcement means that eight of the 22 local authorities in Wales will be under local lockdown when the measures come into effect.

First domestic shutdown in Wales, Which went into effect at Kerveli on September 8th, was Thursday For another week While Ronda Sinon Taff Was too Placed under restrictions That started on September 17th.

Local closures were on Newport, Bridgend, Merter Tedfel, and Plainau Joint. Announced on Monday It took effect on Tuesday.

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on Friday Welsh government Health Minister Vaughan Githing said that cases are gradually declining in Kerveli and it may be possible to start withdrawing restrictions imposed there gradually within a week. The minister said cases were continuing to rise in the seizures, and that the Welsh government “will continue to carefully monitor the situation there.”

Githing added that Bridgend and Blaenau Gwent’s rates are still rising.

The new measures will be implemented by the local authority and the police. Lockdowns have been imposed on the provinces of Cardiff and Swansea as a whole, which have a combined population of 600,000. Schools will remain in open areas along with buildings such as bars and shops. These new restrictions will be formally revised within two weeks.

In Llanelli, the areas subject to the new restrictions are: Bigyn, Bynea, Dafen, Elli Ward, Felinfoel, Glanymor, Hendy, Hengoed, Llanegennech, Lliedi, Llwynhendy, Tyisha, and Swiss Valley. Burry port is not included. Githing said an online postal code verification tool will allow people to know if they are covered by the procedures.

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Cases have been rising sharply in Carmarthenshire, Githing said, but the reason the restrictions were not imposed on the county as a whole is due to the fact that eight in 10 cases in the council area are linked to Planelli. He said the majority of these could be traced back to people who socialize without noticing social distancing.

Githing said people who mix at home, the lack of social distancing, and in some cases connections to the workplace, were responsible for the higher number of cases in Cardiff and Glamorgan Valley.

Values ​​for the Welsh Government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic:

He said that the current cases in North Wales are “much less” than those in South Wales at present, but that the situation is nonetheless being closely monitored. Githing said that the current rate of the virus in general, and its reproduction rate, is believed to be higher than one in Wales, which means that the number of people infected with the virus will increase dramatically.

At the moment, there are 108 confirmed patients with coronavirus in hospitals in Wales – an increase of 163% from last week and 300% compared to the previous two weeks.

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