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A new sports area has been opened in Picasso Park in Bialuca. Instead of stadiums that have not been used for years, a complex of stadiums was built, where five sports disciplines could be practiced. You can use it for free. The cost of the investment amounted to 2.3 million PLN.

After the modernization, other sports spaces became open and available to all residents of the Biaołęka district. Large courts for basketball, tennis and volleyball, and a street exercise area. We invite everyone to Picasso Garden to spend time actively – said Vice President of Warsaw Renata Kaznowska.

On Friday, the sports district was tested by professional players, on Saturday and Sunday – by residents. Today, prior to work, the new facility was inspected by local government officials.

Sports in Pilani

Basketball is a sport for everyone. To plant it, all you need now is a ball, because the fields are ready. But not only the basket will prevail here. We have handed over to Biaoka residents modern courts to practice up to five disciplines, which have replaced the damaged courts. It will be an activity place for residents of all ages and abilities. Children and adults alike have an alternative to the virtual world. I always recommend sports – said Mayor of Biachoca Grzegorz Kuca.

Basketball players opened the sports district’s activities. On Friday morning, the SK 3×3 camp started, i.e. training of young basketball players with the best basketball players in the 3v3 formula.

Conducted by Kacper “Kacpa” Lachowicz, co-hosted by Marcin Gortat Camp since 2010, the classes are the most popular workout series for kids and teens.

“We were able to announce a tender for the modernization of sports grounds thanks to the support of nearly one million zlotys from the Marshal’s Office in the Mazowieckie county” – Handed over the town hall in the Biauchka district.

The contractor carried out the demolition work, then built a total of three sports fields in place of the old ones – two multifunctional courts: one for basketball, volleyball and tennis and one for volleyball and tennis – both with an industrial EPDM deck. In addition, a playground with a concrete surface was created – only for basketball.

Next to the playgrounds, there is also a space for street training and darts. The area is open to the public, lit and monitored. The new stadiums can be used from 9:00 to 21:00 without registration and fees.

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