Manufactured in the Sandringham area.

Queen Elizabeth II (95) has just launched her own brand of ketchup and the so-called brown sauce popular in the UK. You see, the monarchy somehow make ends meet? Or is it just a normal activity aimed at creating new business opportunities for its “subjects”?

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The queen of ketchup!

According to The Sun, the ketchup produced on Sandringham’s farm is made from tomatoes and seasoned with dates, apple juice and spices. While the brown sauce, which tastes and feels like steak sauce, is “stuffed with vinegar and spices”.

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Sauces made at her home in Sandringham, Norfolk with local ingredients cost around 37 zlotys for a 280g glass bottle.

The Queen’s Kitchen Adventures

It is not yet known when the sauces will be sold on a regular basis. The Queen’s adventures in the kitchen don’t end there. After all, the King also owns a brand of gin that Buckingham Palace began producing in 2020. The British royal family’s favorite drink is made from ingredients in the gardens of their London home.

Why gin? It is said that the Queen loves gin and drinks it almost every day.

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Queen Elizabeth's message for the year 2020

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Queen Elizabeth’s message for the year 2020

Queen Elizabeth in a brown cloak

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Queen Elizabeth in a brown cloak