Different languages ​​and cultures, numerous trips, new friendships – this project gives athletes great opportunities, no matter where in the Olympics you have to compete alone in the sports competition. Kurovsky is the lead trainer for the FIL Development Program. The 36-year-old Pole has started a new phase in his sporting career after his third Olympic performance in Pyongyang. Previously, he participated in Vancouver and Sochi.

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Kurovsky has already achieved his first successes in his new role. Eleven of his fifteen students qualified for the Beijing 2022 Games.

– I am very proud of the whole team. Of course, from the players who made it, but also from other players who didn’t. This is just the beginning of hard work to realize their dreams. My fellow coaches: Peter Kinzel, Görg Haydock, Thomas Kinzel and McCuvey Bogdan Ernst also have a big share in this success – said Maciej Korovsky.

The “official” language of the group was English at first. This rule – depending on the circumstances – changes, as new players from different countries appear in the group. Kurovsky himself speaks fluent Russian and German. Naturally, he learns the secrets of the Czech language, because there are four Czechs in the team in addition to coach Kenzel.

It can be said that the project is the real Tower of Babel. “Many different languages ​​are a challenge for me, but also a great opportunity to learn something interesting and new” – the coach admitted.

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The Polish coach is particularly proud of Elsa Desmond, Duina Descaloi and Saba Kumaritashvili. The Georgian is the cousin of Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died while training before the opening of the Games in Vancouver. It fell off the road and hit the steel support of the roof at a speed of 144.3 km / h.

– Saba was really good in his first season but there is still a lot to improve. He still had problems at first, lying down while driving. This is not what I expect yet. We still have to work hard, but I see great potential in that – added Korowsky.

The former Polish representative proudly asserts that the strength of his international team lies in the multiplicity of nationalities, the diversity of languages ​​and cultures. It gives an interesting combination, allows you to learn a lot, gain new experiences, get acquainted with different places in the world.

– You get an invitation, for example, to Georgia or Taipei. Who has such opportunities? It would be great to visit all the athletes one day off season – a coach’s dream.

Many people assert that Kurovsky exudes positive energy. He can infect many other people with his attitude.

– When I see that we have achieved a lot, it is fun. However, as an athlete, I was not satisfied with my results myself and always worked hard on myself. I can already see our potential on the FIL team and that motivates me and pushes me to more hard work – Kurowski summed up.

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Olympians from the International FIL Team:

woman: Annika Cizikova (Czech Republic), Sin Rong Lin (Taiwan), Doina Descaloi (Moldova), Elsa Desmond (Ireland);

men: Robert Studinger (Great Britain), Bawi Angov (Bulgaria), Mirza Nikolajev (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Saba Kumaritashvili (Georgia), Michael Lisek (Czech Republic)

two men: Filip Vejdelek – Zdenek Pekny (Czech Republic).


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