Each university decides how it will operate during the pandemic. In all of them there are students who are not satisfied with the way they got their credits.


– I am in my second year and practically do not know what famous student life is. I have a friend with whom I talk on the phone and sometimes we go to university with him. I remember from my open days that everything was teeming with life there. There were a lot of people everywhere, and now I feel kinda sad and numb – says one of the students. I would like to return to a normal, steady life on campus. I think we are exaggerating these limitations. Can you tell if there is a chance of him coming back? – Asked.

This year, UMCS maintained co-educational status; Some classes are conducted remotely, and some (mainly labs, specialized laboratories, exercises in small groups) are conducted statically. Before the start of the new school year, procedures were developed on the principles of conducting classrooms to make it safer for participants, as well as principles of rapid response to infection. For everything to work well, the university’s anti-COVID team and departmental COVID anti-COVID teams have been set up.

The UMCS Winter Exam session will run from February 6 to 19. We recommend doing this remotely, that is, using the IT infrastructure. The deans of individual colleges ultimately decide if the credits and final exams can be taken remotely – explains Anita Adamska, UMCS Press Spokesperson. – Due to the dynamic development of the epidemiological situation, decisions regarding the form of education will be taken in the summer semester for the 2021/2022 school year, respectively.

Lublin University of Technology

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– I think it is worth noting the organization of studies in PL. Part-time studies are conducted on a full-time basis. The conference is attended by people from all over Poland. They are working people who have great contact with strangers, but come anyway for fear of failing a class. It’s not dangerous on the university’s side when you see an increase in injuries. The authorities fear that after the introduction of remote classes, they will have to reduce term fees again, unfortunately at the expense of the health of students and lecturers. I demand the publication of this topic – appeals to the Internet user.

University of Technology staff emphasize that in order to continue education at a high level, they also care about the health and safety of students and staff.

– We constantly monitor the infection and quarantine situation among members of Lublin University of Technology and assess the risks of their impact on the functioning of the university. We have a high percentage of staff (85 percent) and students (60 percent) vaccinated – reported Iona Zajkowska-Denica, a spokeswoman for PL. He adds that part-time classes in this semester are generally held on a daily basis. All Friday lectures are online.

– However, it is possible to temporarily transfer the activities performed in the colleges to the remote mode. For this to happen, the dean of the faculty, at the request of students and teachers, submits an application to the rector. To date, the rector has approved all requests for distance learning – adds Czajkowska-Deneka.

It is already known how the university will operate in the summer semester. Distance learning items can be used for static classes (performed according to health guidelines – editor). Online lectures and halls may be conducted upon written and justified request from the Dean and with the approval of the Rector.

– We do not rule out possible changes in this regard due to the development of the epidemiological situation – the speaker says and adds: – The accusation that “the authorities are afraid that after the introduction of remote classes, they will have to reduce class fees again” is unfair and harmful to the university. Lublin University of Technology is the only university in Lublin in the academic year 2020/2021 to reduce student tuition fees by 25 percent.

Nature University

– The Rector obliged teachers to submit the list of students participating in classes to the office of the Dean of the College where the field of study is taking place, stating their name, surname, PESEL number, contact phone number, email address, place of quarantine, residence and professional activity. It is baffling on what basis academic teachers should have access to such detailed data about students. To what extent do you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation? asks the reader.

– The listed personal data is required by the county health inspector in Lublin if SARS-CoV-2 infection is reported. The protection of personal data in the General Data Protection Regulation does not conflict with the processing of personal data in the context of the pandemic – Iona Paciska, a spokeswoman for the University of Life Sciences in Lublin responds. – The regulation has been introduced to ensure efficient and reliable transmission of information about possible outbreaks of infection at the university to the PPIS in Lublin.


– In our university, despite the diseases of the sprint, a fixed session is planned. Earlier it was announced that we would have remote exams, but that was undone. It seems to me that it is a very important topic – says one of the psychology students. – We tried to request that we be allowed to take the test remotely, but – as far as I know – only one approval has been given in the School of Law and Administration. traverse stationary. This is a very unpleasant and frustrating situation for us. He will fail some exams because he is in quarantine. Some live with people who have serious comorbidities and are afraid of getting infected during the session and taking the disease home. I think that with such an increase in infections, remote checks should be done.

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– In accordance with the order of the Vice-Chancellor, the final grades for classes and exams in the winter and summer semesters, regardless of the form of teaching, are held constant – confirms Monika Stojwska, Deputy Spokesperson of the Catholic University of Lublin. The dean of a particular college may, taking into account individual and justified situations, decide on a remote form of approved classes and examinations. This happened in the case of the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration at the Catholic University of Lublin, where the Dean of the WPPKiA requested a remote session, given the very large size of the groups, for which he obtained approval. The Dean is in contact with students who have not reported any problems regarding the format of the session.