Not only Alexis Tsipras criticizes the renewal of the Acropolis. Experienced architect Tasos Tanolas spares no words of criticism. But other experts noted that “the renovation carried out in a little more than a year lacked due diligence and that the symbol of Greece was destroyed.” Critics have accused the Greek government of destroying an invaluable monument representing the country’s heritage.

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“Hill with holes”

The criticism was also joined by an AFP reporter, who, while visiting the Acropolis, noticed that a woman had stumbled in the middle of the sidewalk because there was a hole in it. The road was put into use in December of last year, but according to AFP, the holes are deliberately pulverized by restoration workers. They are for detecting ancient stones.

“It’s a hill with holes in it. Holes are the opposite of safety,” travel guide Smaraged Tuluba, who took her elderly parents to visit the site, was quoted by AFP as saying.

Culture Minister Lina Mindoni refutes these allegations. He explains that those who restore the Acropolis are “world-renowned experts.” “No one questioned their work,” Mendoni said.

Officials explain that reconstruction was necessary because the condition of the ancient paths around the Acropolis monument was poor. There were many accidents every year. It was designed five decades ago and renovated in 2012.

Protests against changes to the Acropolis

Since 1975, the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports has been responsible for the Acropolis. In 2020, it announced plans to make changes to the hill. There are some of the most visited ancient monuments in the Acropolis, such as the Parthenon and the Temple Athens Nike. Part of the building will also be paved with concrete cubes, as well as the reconstruction of the Roman marble staircases on the western side of the hill.

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These changes are not accepted by scientists. In February, the project was criticized in an open letter, stating that the changes were much more than a “renovation” and that its historical inaccuracy violated international conservation protocols. He wrote that it was a “demeaning of who I am devaluation The most valuable archaeological and artistic treasure entrusted to modern Greece.” The signatories of the letter also noted that the Acropolis had to face floods last year. Perhaps with a new pier on the hill. Dozens of scholars, artists, and representatives from the administration signed the letter.

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heart of athena

The Acropolis is the heart of Athens. This place was once a center of religious authority and worship. The monuments preserved here enchant with their beauty, recalling the times of the city’s greatest splendor.

Acropolis means supreme city in Greek. In ancient Greece this was the name of the fortified hill, which was an element of many cities at that time. However, when we use the correct name Acropolis in capital letters, it will always refer to the Acropolis of Athens.