European Parliament members from the United Kingdom’s ruling Conservative Party began voting Monday evening to remove Prime Minister Boris Johnson from a leadership position. If the application is successful, he will automatically lose his position as Head of Government.

A simple majority is enough to remove Johnson, which now means 180 votes, assuming all MPs from the Conservative Party vote. According to both British media and the bookmakers, Johnson will likely survive, but he can’t be sure.

In the afternoon, Johnson met with non-governmental lawmakers to convince them that he was still the best person to lead the party. He assured them that he could lead her to victory in the upcoming House of Commons election.

“I am asking for your support today, because I know how much we can achieve together. Together, we won the biggest Conservative Party mandate in 40 years. As promised, we resolved the long Brexit crisis and built a new friendly relationship with the European Union. When the UK was after The worst global epidemic in a century, we showed determination and perseverance to deliver the world’s first approved vaccine, and then the fastest vaccine launched in Europe, Johnson said in a letter sent earlier.

“Thanks to your support, I think we have a great prize on hand tonight. We can put an end to our favorite media obsession. We can get down to business without any unnecessary noise. I’m sure if we can unite in the coming days, we will win again in time.” “We will restore the confidence of the 14 million people who voted for us and we will continue to serve the country we love,” he argued.

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But according to opinion polls published on Monday, a majority of Britons want MPs to sack Johnson. According to an Opinium poll, 59 percent would like it. Of the respondents, leaving him in the position 28 percent. Opinions differ only among Tory voters – 53% want Johnson to stay, and 34% want dismissal.

Johnson’s vote of no-confidence is the result of the scandal that has continued since last November regarding informal social gatherings exposed by the media, and sometimes even alcohol-related events in Downing Street during the spring and spring food restrictions. Late fall of 2020, and in the spring of 2021

As a result, Johnson was fined by the police, despite the fact that for one time only he raised some bewilderment, as well as anger over a report published in late May about an internal investigation into the matter, conducted by civil servant Sue. grey.

From London Bartłomiej Niedziński (PAP)

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