Xinjiang is inhabited by Uyghurs, or the Chinese Muslim minority. According to the BBC, people here live in appalling conditions, are forced to work and held in reeducation camps. According to witness and survivor accounts, torture is the order of the day.

Americans accuse the Chinese of lying

David Mille took the floor on the comment allegedly made by US diplomats. A spokesman for the US Embassy in Beijing expressed the view that throwing similar words at his own citizens is not only immoral, but also puts them at great risk.

David Mille argued that by mentioning American diplomats by names and titles The Chinese subjected them to harassment by people who would be outraged by this downplaying of the rights of Uyghurs. He also stressed that the Chinese government is obligated to treat representatives of other countries with respect.

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The quotes penned by the Chinese government appeared on social media on a website linked to the Global Times. It is a controversial medium due to the relationship between the editorial office and the Chinese Communist Party.

All the confusion around forced labor, genocide and human rights abuses has proven to be an effective way to cut Xinjiang off the global industrial chain. We can use this to drag the Chinese government into a trap, into a quagmire – it sounds like a made-up statement, which the Chinese attribute to American diplomats.

It was not invented by the Chinese government. This is a rare moment, when disingenuous US officials said the words of truth. – I expect an explanation – said Zhao Lijian, quoted by the “Arab” Middle Eastern medium, against the allegations of the Americans.