“Climate Changes Us” is the slogan of the Przymany Festival, which begins Friday evening at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw and runs through Sunday. Participation in all events is free.

Exhibition of artwork and beginners, films, lectures and lectures – this is a show for everyone who wants to spend a weekend at the Copernicus Science Center. “We were looking for a new perspective that would allow us to believe that there is a future,” festival curator Krzysztof Kornas told PAP. He pointed out that the “disaster” slogan prevalent in the media had become overwhelming, and that’s why the organizers focused on a more positive message.

“Disaster is not a prophecy written in great books. However, there are many scenarios – models that show what will happen if certain steps are not taken. Let’s take those steps because we know how,” said Cornas.

Festival guests will talk about positive scenarios for the future throughout the weekend.

The opening lecture will be given by the professor. Naomi Oreskes, a Harvard science historian, focuses her research on climate negation and trust in science. On Saturday, climate activists, with writer Julia Fedorchuk and philosopher Tomas Markivka, will consider what a positive climate protest might look like. A separate lecture will be devoted to energy conversion.

The special guest on Saturday afternoon will be climate scientist from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and Guillaume Pitron – journalist and documentary filmmaker.

The Transformation Gallery brings together science, technology, art and design. In addition to informative and educational exhibits, you can find exhibits that are supposed to influence feelings, akin to everyday experiences. At the exhibition, you will be able to meet and talk with the creators and creators of the selected works.

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Author: Urszula Kaczorowska

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