On the right track at ul. Gliwicka will be presented by the all-white and red players, whose coach Raffaie Dubroque takes them into account in the context of the formation for the MotoGP Final. There are two certainties: the current vice-champion of the Grand Prix – Bartosz Smerzlik and the junior world champion – Jacob Mikoviak. The only unknown is the second cast.

In the semi-finals of SoN, the selector trusted Dominik Kuber and did not disappoint. He also confirmed his high level in qualifying from PGE Ekstraliga. But last weekend Maciej Janowski, who stood on the podium twice at the Grand Prix tournaments in Toruń that ended the season, shone twice.

Janowski is not keen on performing in Manchester. In an interview, he directly admitted that he did not want to replace the Motor Lublin highway racer.

– Dominic Kubera has had a great season, he went to the semi-finals of the Speedway of Nations and presented himself very well. Together with Bartosz Zmarzlik and Jakub Miśkowiak, they achieved a certain promotion. In my opinion, the winning team should not be changed and should appear in the final. I don’t want to be a substitute now. I have already won some medals with the national team and I have some fond memories and I would like to have the opportunity for others as well. Dominic should get a chance to prove himself – this was stated by a resident of Wroclaw.

Kubera has a simple task in this case. To guarantee a trip to Manchester, it should not only spoil the public test. If tomorrow on the Rybnik track does not perform well, and Janowski confirms his high level, coach Dobrucki will have to change, and this year’s Polish champion with Betard Sparta Wrocław and Sweden with Dackarna Malilla will have to support the team again.

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The Poles are definitely the favorites in the game. The rest of the global team will be running in a squad that is far from ideal. For various reasons, the organizers had to remove up to five names from the original list. Artiom Łaguta, Leon Madsen, Jason Doyle, Fredrik Lindgren and Anders Thomsen will not appear.

This is especially sad for the former coach of the Polish national team, seven-time World Cup winner Marek Celak. Rybnik’s match will be his official farewell to the national team, and it is a pity that the best foreigners in the world, with whom he has worked mostly in clubs and have a lot to owe, either put forward their vacation plans above or demand astronomical amounts of performance.

Saturday (October 9)

Poland – rest of the world

time. 15:00, broadcast on TVP SPORT

Poland: 9. Bartosz Zmarzlik, 10. Paweł Przedpełski, 11. Dominik Kubera, 12. Patryk Dudek, 13. Maciej Janowski, 14. Jakub Miśkowiak. Coach: Rafay Dobrocchi.

REST OF THE WORLD: 1. Max Fricke (Australia), 2. Daniel Bewley (Great Britain), 3. Rohan Tungate (Australia), 4. Michael Jepsen Jensen (Denmark), 5. Matej Żagar (Slovenia), 6. Patrick Hansen (Denmark). Coach: Marek Celak.