Chelsea are facing serious problems since the British government imposed sanctions on Roman Abramovich. The assets of the Russian oligarch were frozen, and the club’s funds were severely restricted with it. Londoners work daily under special licence. They cannot make transfers or even extend contracts with their current players. They are not even allowed to sell tickets for future meetings.

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Chelsea special license changes. The government allows the resale of tickets

However, information emerged on Wednesday that the UK government decided to make changes to the license issued to the club. Chelsea were allowed to sell tickets for their matches again. However, there are still significant limitations. The club can sell tickets for cup matches, away matches and all women’s team matches only. But he won’t gain a pound from it.

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Chelsea will be able to sell tickets incl. for the Champions League matches. In the quarter-finals of these matches, Thomas Tuchel’s players will face Real Madrid. Any income from ticket sales will go to UEFA. As a consolation, Londoners will finally be able to play in their stadium with stadiums full.

They are still unable to sell tickets to their fans for the league matches that were held at Stamford Bridge. In the case of away matches, the income will not go to the club’s cash register, but to the Premier League. The same is true for the FA Cup semi-finals, where Chelsea will face Crystal Palace at Wembley. Ticket proceeds will go to the match organizers.

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I would like to thank the fans for their patience in working with the football authorities to allow them to purchase tickets for Chelsea matches. British Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said, “Since Roman Abramovich was added to the British sanctions list due to his links with Vladimir Putin, we are working hard to ensure that the club continues to play football, while ensuring that the sanctions regime continues to be applied.”

He added: “Ticket proceeds will be transferred by the Premier League to the relevant tournament organizer or local club, and not to Chelsea, in order to comply with applicable sanctions.”

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