Nintendo has reportedly argued this Joy-Con drift is “not a real problem” and “has not caused any inconvenience to anyone” in a An ongoing class action lawsuit against the company.

The information comes from an email update sent by Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP, the law firm representing those affected by the reported Joy-Con drift.

Thanks to Redditor Middle of the cake, The email has been posted with a request. Posted by mittenscone on subreddit R / nintendo switchHere is the email (errors and all):

Thank you for contacting our law firm regarding litigation for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift. We are compiling a montage of video clips from Nintendo Switch owners like you as a way to give voice to the joy drifting issues encountered. This will be helpful for us to respond to Nintendo’s arguments about how This is not a real problem or has not caused any inconvenience to anyone.

In an effort to humanize, prove and impact these issues on consumers, it would be beneficial for us to prosecute the case if you were to send us a short video (90 seconds or less) describing your experience with Joy-Con drift on your controllers. You can record it on your phone and send the video to us via email. We will compile the results we receive from all consumers who have contacted us in a video that we plan to share with Nintendo’s attorneys and company representatives. If applicable, the video should describe the following:

  • Start by identifying the reason for your purchase of the key in the original, or any details relevant to your background as a longtime Nintendo fan (if applicable).
  • Describe all the problems or issues you encountered regarding the drift issue on your Joy Con controllers.
  • If you’ve made multiple fixes and have to call Nintendo a number of times, please clarify if they were successful in the end. Please provide any details about how long you can spend on the phone with them, how many Joy Cons replacements you have received, and whether any of these have failed again (and if so, what happened).
  • If you want Nintendo to know how this has affected your confidence in the Nintendo brand or the likelihood that you will purchase another Nintendo product again, you are free to convey those feelings.

Please send your video to us at [email protected] before Friday, October 16th. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you in advance for your time and concern. “

What grabs everyone’s attention is a certain phrase: “This will be helpful for us to answer Nintendo’s arguments on how to This is not a real problem or It did not cause any inconvenience to anyone. “

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For those who have had to send in the Joy-Cons for repairs (and even pay for them before)Free repairs“Change) and wait weeks to receive their consoles, they’ll beg to disagree on that defense.

As for why Chimicles requires testimonials, this is due to the current status of the case. The judge overseeing the case announced that it would be adjudicated through arbitration – in which both parties would present their case to a third party who would make the decision. Usually, these third parties (arbitrators) are attorneys or retired judges or are considered “experts” in their field.

In order to present a strong crime, the best way is to gather as many witnesses as possible and tell them their first-hand testimony.

With more than 61 million Nintendo Switch units sold, there are plenty of stories that could convince the judge to find Nintendo at fault and possibly lead to a redesign of Joy-Con.

Currently, Chimicles is accepting for the next two weeks. If you want to read more on the issue, you may visit Chimicles’s website Dedicated to the suit as well Previous coverage Here at Nintendo Wire.