An important element of interior design – a rug that separates the zones

Carpet gives the interior a unique character. They allow you to complement the style, as well as turn a rough room into a warm and cozy room. Often their color contrasts with the uniform color of the walls and furniture. That is why they break the monotony and make the cabin look more interesting and interesting.

It is not for nothing that it is said that the rug creates space. We don’t mean just to emphasize the style of the rooms, but rather to separate the zones. In the currently popular open spaces, furniture for the kitchen, dining room and living room is often located in one large area. The rug will perfectly separate the dining area from the relaxation area in the living room, and it will also work in the kitchen or on the balcony. The outdoor carpet is made of polypropylene, therefore it is weatherproof and easy to clean. You can find it, for example, in Agata Salons other models: machine washable kids rugs, long and short rugs, etc.

Protection, which is the practical function of the room carpet

The carpet for the living room, hall, children’s room or any other room is an additional protection for the floor from damage. It is also protection against unfortunate slips and falls, for example in the bathroom. A slippery surface can put everyone in your home at great risk, especially the elderly, children, and even pets. It is best to choose a model with a rubber liner that holds the rug in place. What are the other benefits of having carpets in interiors?

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What does the carpet give the interior? Advantages

Carpet has its pros and cons. However, there are more arguments in favor of their existence.

  • improve your mood Nothing pleases family members more than a perfect interior design and perfect aesthetics. The rug will complement it and give the room the desired character.

  • walking comfort Soft fabric makes the floor warm and pleasant to the touch. Shaggy rugs in particular are a paradise for feet. The long bristles provide relaxation while walking.

  • Mute sounds – A way to get parquet creak? Thick rug! It can be a soundproofing that completely muffles the sounds of steps.

  • desiccant Wool rugs are a popular solution in apartments with excessive moisture. Fleece absorbs excess water in the air and provides a healthier interior.

  • clean air Carpets act as filters that attract dust, mites, and pet hair. They are said to exacerbate allergies. Yes, but only if it is not vacuumed regularly. Proper cleaning means gathering dust and allergens in one place. In addition, you can buy hypoallergenic rugs in stores.

Which rug for the living room and bedroom and which rug for the kids?

Rugs adapted to the interior are perfect for the living room. The more you get out of the box, the better. Guests will enjoy the space arrangement emphasized by the rug. Size and shape depend on size.

Often, low-pile products are chosen for the living room due to their ease of cleaning. Models made of wool, viscose, plastic and luxurious silk are popular.

The bedroom is the most intimate room. The right atmosphere is important here. Modern rug? Oriental style? The choice depends entirely on the tastes of the residents. Products with long and smooth hair are usually chosen for the bedroom. They provide a pleasant feeling of warmth and sensitivity immediately upon awakening.

Baby rugs often feature cute prints and colorful colours. Shaggy rugs are the first choice for parents because they are extremely soft and soothe unexpected falls for little ones. Moreover, it is a suitable place for children’s games. How about a machine washable cotton rug? This is an excellent option for hygiene and cleanliness. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

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