In the fourth season, amateur motorcyclists will have the opportunity to compete in the competition series. The Budex Amateur Speedway will be held in three countries, with the start scheduled for Gniezno.

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Amateur competition in Bydgoszcz

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In 2018-2019, amateurs competed in the Kaczmarek Electric Motorcycle Racing Cup Series, where the racers had the opportunity to present themselves on the Polish and Czech tracks.

Later, the coronavirus pandemic stopped its way, and in the 2021 season two tournaments were created – the Gropex Speedway Cup and Six Speedway Camp. Both got a lot of attention from the players.

Although there is still some time to start next season, there are already plans to hold another competition. It happened, inter alia, thanks to Robert Konieczny from Budex, who became the main sponsor of the series.

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The competition under the Budex Cup for Amateur Motorcycle Racing will be held in three countries – Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. It is known that the opening will traditionally take place in Gniezno with a North-South match.

As in previous seasons, players will be divided into three groups – gold, silver and bronze (depending on the skills presented). In addition, former motorcyclists will be able to race in the Platinum Group.

The organizers have already prepared a set of burials for the participants. General rankings will be done again – winners from each group will be awarded. It is known that the competition outside Gniezno will also take place in Liberec, Bydgoszcz, Berlin and Zielona Góra. The number of rounds may be greater.

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