Italy has introduced compulsory vaccinations against Covid-19 for people over 50 years old. The new law will be in effect at least until June 15.

On Wednesday, the Italian government adopted a decree on compulsory vaccination, which went into effect immediately. The new law is another component of the increasingly decisive preventive measures taken by Mario Draghi’s government to stem the spread of the pandemic.

Agency Reuters It is reported that more than 138,000 people have died in Covid-19 since its outbreak. Italian citizens, which puts the country second in Europe in terms of the number of deaths, after Great Britain.

Italians have already taken steps to prevent the pandemic from worsening. As of last October, every employee must submit a vaccination certificate or test result. If he does not, he is sent to unpaid leave. The government has also introduced compulsory vaccinations for teachers and health workers.

Wednesday’s decree tightens requirements for workers in their 50s and removes the option to take a negative test. Now everyone will have to be vaccinated.

“The measures today are designed to keep hospitals running well while keeping schools and businesses open.” – Reuters quoted Prime Minister Draghi.

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