On Thursday, a day after a report was published stating that racism is not the root cause of social inequality in the UK, the resignation of the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Ethnic Minorities was announced.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office confirmed that Samuel Casumo’s departure had been scheduled for several months and would remain in office until May, and that the proposals regarding the report were incorrect, but according to the media, the highest. The black advisor to the Prime Minister was already dissatisfied with the government’s position on ethnic issues.

The report released on Wednesday is the result of the work of the Independent Commission on Racial and Ethnic Differences, which Johnson formed in response to the Black Lives Matter protests in response to the killing of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis last year in the US state of Minnesota.

She wrote, inter alia, that issues related to race and racism become less important, and in some cases do not explain inequality at all, because factors such as geography, family structure, socio-economic background, culture and religion have a “more important effect on life chances than the existence of racism.” “. The report states that the United Kingdom is not yet a “post-race nation” but is no longer a country in which the system is deliberately placed against ethnic minorities and that its success in eliminating racial differences in education and the economy “should be seen as a model for others. White “.

The text of the report has been criticized by many NGOs working in the Equality Campaign, accusing its authors of underestimating the presence of racism in British society and institutions.

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Addressing the allegations on Thursday, Johnson found the report extremely interesting and assured that the government would respond in a timely manner. He said, “I’m not saying that the government will agree to everything about that, but there are some original and motivating things there, and I think people need to read and look at it.”

Among the report’s 24 key recommendations, among other things, expand school activities to help disadvantaged students catch up, move away from funding training on unconscious bias and focus instead on what actually helps increase equality in the workplace. You no longer use the acronym BAME (blacks, Asians, and ethnic minorities) because the differences between these groups are just as important as the things they have in common.

From London: Bartłomiej Niedziński