According to preliminary results, the Liberal Party won the elections The House of Commons has 156 seats out of 338. This is the best result of all the start-up parties. as noted APLiberal Justin Trudeau won the same number of seats as in 2019.

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Elections in Canada. Justin Trudeau’s party won, but no majority

The Conservatives won 121 seats in the election, while the New Left Democrats won 29 seats. The Quebec bloc (28) and the Greens (2) will also enter the House of Commons. This means that the House of Commons will likely have a similar shape to the previous one in the new state. To make or to invent Row Majority, 170 seats in parliament are required.

The Canadian commission has not yet counted votes mailed or submitted to local offices.

Justin Trudeau, who has led the minority government for two years, announced snap elections scheduled for September 20 in mid-August. The opposition claims that there is no need for early elections, and the prime minister has been pressing for them due to his personal ambitions.

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“lost game”

“Trudeau lost the match to win the majority, so it’s a bittersweet victory,” Daniel Biland, a political science professor at the University of Montreal, commented, quoted by the Associated Press. – Basically, we will go back to the starting point, because the new minority parliament will look like the previous one. The expert emphasized that Trudeau and the liberals saved the flogging and would remain in power, but many Canadians who didn’t want to hold these pandemic elections in late summer may not have been happy with the situation.

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