751 unmarked Aboriginal Canadian graves were discovered at the site of the first schools Boarding school for children in Marival, Saskatchewan. A month ago, a similar discovery was made near a former school in Kamloops, British Columbia, when the remains of 215 children were discovered. A 2015 report found that there has been physical and psychological abuse of children, as well as sexual abuse, in Canadian boarding schools for decades. Aboriginal children in Canada were forced to attend these institutions.

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An unusual find in the city center. It is more than 500 years old. We saw them up close

Canada. 751 unmarked graves in the former Marival School

Cadmus Delorme, chief of the Cowessess people, the indigenous peoples of this part CanadaIt was said that his remains are not known in the discovered tombs. Delorme explained that the human remains were not buried in a mass grave, but in individual graves from which the tombstones had been removed. He added that the Kwesis community wanted to identify the buried people and commemorate them by placing tablets on the graves.

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The Cowessess community researched the area based on oral history. A study of 44,000 square meters of land was conducted with specialists from Saskatchewan Tech University using ground penetrating radar. The Saskatchewan Aboriginal Federation is also asking for other locations.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: The discovery makes the pain worse

The school complex in Marival ran from 1899 to 1997. Until the 1970s, the school was run by nuns. In 1987, the facility was taken over by Indigenous Canada, and in 1999 the school building was demolished. The facility was part of the Canadian system of 139 boarding schools. The system was commissioned in the years 1831-1996 and covered 150 thousand. Native American children. The schools were mainly run by Catholic missionaries.

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leading Justin Trudeau He declared in an official statement that he was “deeply saddened” and “heartbroken” by the discovery of unidentified graves on the site of a former Marivalian school. “I realize that these discoveries only deepen the pain felt by families, survivors, and all indigenous peoples,” he wrote. Trudeau added that he spoke to Cadmus Delorm by phone. The prime minister said he was committed to fixing “historic mistakes” and speeding up reconciliation “in a concrete, meaningful and lasting way”.

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